COLUMN 2020.8.15




Our English teacher, George!
Let me introduce himself.



みんなから愛される彼は、穏やかな性格と優しい表情でいつも周りを癒してくれます。時々見せるお茶目な面も人気の理由の一つで、スタッフ間でもよくツッコミを入れられています。笑 家族思いで、真面目なGeorge。今後も、Emileの英語を引っ張っていく必要不可欠な存在です。Georgeのカラーを大切に、Emileで沢山活躍して欲しいですね✨



家族愛・真面目・優しい・プロテイン・自転車通勤・イギリス・二児のパパ・”It’s OK.”・Gentleman・Yuriと同い年


Q.Where are you from?/出身地はどこですか?
– I come from the U.K. My hometown is a place in London called Tottenham. It most famous for its Football team.


Q.Tell us about your family./家族について教えてください。
– I have a mixed family who come from all over the world.We live in lots of countries around Europe, Africa, and America. I am living in Kumamoto with my wife and our son (3 years old) and daughter(1 month).



Q.How do you spend your holidays?/休みの日はどのように過ごしていますか?
– When I do have holiday, I usually spend it playing with my son and spending time with my family. We try and be as active as possible so we go out doors a lot.


Q.What do you want biggest right now?/今一番欲しいものは何ですか?
– Playstation 4


Q.What is your favorite word or inscription?/好きな言葉や座右の銘は何ですか?
– “You”ll Never Walk Alone.”



Q.What are your strengths and weaknesses?/長所と短所を教えてください。
– Strength : I always try my best.   Weakness : I can be too nice sometimes.


Q.Who is your favorite musician (comedian/actor)?/好きな芸能人は誰ですか?
– When I grow up I want to be like High Jackman. I like Asian Kung-Fu Generation too.


Q.When do you feel the happiest?/何をしている時が一番幸せですか?
–  When I se  my son and daughter smiling while they are sleeping.



Q.Which dishes are you good at making?/得意料理は何ですか?
– I like to cook a lot but my special dish is slow roast beef.


Q.What is the best thing about Emile?/Emileのいいところを教えてください。
– The children and staff are the best part of the school. I like the International experience that we are giving the children.



Thank you, George.
Who’s next…?