COLUMN 2020.9.17




Our English teacher, Kanana!
Let me introduce herself.










Q.Where are you from?/出身地はどこですか?
-I’m from Kenya, a beautiful country in East Africa.My home city is Nairobi and it’s famous for being the only city with a wildlife park.


Q.Tell us about your family./家族について教えてください。
-My family is rather young, only 2 years old,LOL. We are only 2 (my husband and I) but looking forward to inviting a third member to our young family.


Q.How do you spend your holidays?/休みの日はどのように過ごしていますか?
-When in Kenya, I like doing game safaris and hiking but here in Japan I have really developed a liking for castles and other cultural monuments. I also enjoy spending time with my family.



Q.What do you want biggest right now?/今一番欲しいものは何ですか?
-I think a HD camera to capture my travel escapades within Japan is on top of my wish list right now.


Q.What is your favorite word or inscription?/好きな言葉や座右の銘は何ですか?
-“Live and Let Live”


Q.What are your strengths and weaknesses?/長所と短所を教えてください。
-Not to brag but I am an honest individual (although this has worked to my disadvantage in a few instances).
My weakness is still honesty-sometimes I rub people the wrong for speaking the honest truth.


Q.Who’s your favorite musician?/好きな芸能人は誰ですか?
-My favorite music act is by a Kenyan band called “Sauti Sol”.You can find them on Youtube.Internationally, I like Rihanna’s music.



Q.When do you feel the happiest?/どんな時に幸せを感じますか?
-Going home after achieving the day’s targets to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix with my husband.


Q.Which dish are you good at making?/得意料理は何ですか?
-A special Kenya dish called Pilau.You can Google it.It’s delicious I promise!


Q.What’s the best thing about Emile?/Emileの良いところを教えてください。
-The school curriculum at Emile exposes young learners to diverse cultures therefore preparing them for the inevitable future of a globalized world.
I like the work culture at Emile, the vision, the goals, and the atmosphere.Working at Emile feels like one big family that I enjoy being part of.


Thank you, Kanana.
Who’s next…?