NEWS 2021.5.8


熊本市中央区の内閣府所管 企業主導型保育事業Emile Internatinal Schoolです。


Our English Teacher, Hendar!
Let me introduce himself.










Q.日本の好きなところは?What I like the most about Japan:

Culture, Tradition, Heritage, Clean & Discipline, good quality of life and high quality of education.


Q.今まで行ったことのある国は?Which country I’ve been visiting:

USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan.





Q.子どもたちがプログラミングを学ぶ理由は?Why should kids learning programming:

The future is now, programming for kids is both a great brain exercise and a way to gain valuable skills for their future. Digital technology is a big part of many kids’ lives, as they are surrounded by smart phones, video games, video entertainment, mobile application and websites. It is important for kids to understand the building blocks of it and realize that what happens when they use technology is not magic, and they themselves can create programs that can be useful. This will benefits them learn how to think and develop skills that they will need in the future.



Q.子どもたちがロボット工学を学ぶ理由は?Why should kids learning robotics:

Children are filled with ideas and they often surprise us with their creativity. Leave them in a sand box and they will make castles, give them building blocks and they’ll build houses and robots. Learning robotics in the early ages will enable to tap kids’ unlimited creativity using the most innovative playground with fun, enganging activities and learning critical thinking for their future.



Q.子どもたちと保護者の方々へメッセージ♡Message for the students and parents:

English is the gateway to the world, where people can communicate and learn each other’s cultures and knowledges. I would never understand them without learning English in the firsthand. And finally by traveling to many countries, I can open my mind of how beautiful the world is.