BLOG 2022.2.1

Craft for Setsubun👹in九品寺

Hello !!

熊本市中央区の内閣府所管 企業主導型保育事業

Emile International School  in 九品寺です。


We did a foot stamp for Setsubun craft!




Ruby class made a Demon’s pants!




This is a bean box!




They are  making a demon hat! So cute!



We made rabbits🐰 and bees🐝




We played with various magnets!



Everyone loves story books and listens intensively.




Children play well with Lego blocks!



There was a firefighter so I took a picture together!



It’s already Valentine season♡

Stay safe and stay warm:)



1月31日付けでEmile Inernational School九品寺のYuikaが、家庭の事情により退職いたしました。

Message from her.↓↓



i’ll definitely miss you but i never forget you!!

Best of luck for your future. Thank you for everything.

May your new life be full of  joy and success.


Have a great life! See you guys again soon!!Bye👋