BLOG 2022.10.31

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has come again, and everyone was wearing amazing costumes.


















This year we started our day by getting on the bus from Kuhonji, and heading towards Shower street to meet up with the kids who were coming together with their parents.



After everyone had gathered, we took a group photo together will all the kids, parents and staff. There were a lot of us, so it wasn’t easy, but we managed to take some very fun pictures together.




Once that was done, we made our way towards the first stop on our trick or treat route. We walked to Paul Smith clothing store on Shower street, where they were waiting for us with a massive jack-o-lantern sign, and with bags full of candy to give to everyone. Everyone tried really hard to say “trick or treat”, before getting some candy. Of course, even those who were too shy, or not able to say it yet, got candy as well! ^^

完了すると、「トリック・オア・トリート」が始まります。 シャワー通りにある「ポール・スミス」の服屋さんへ歩いて行きました。





Our next stop was only a very short walk from there. The Starbucks on the corner of Shimotori. There were a lot of unrelated customers here who were very surprised when about 20 kids in costume showed up, but most of them thought it was really fun and everyone was excited!

そこから歩いて、下通の角にある「スターバックス」です。 仮装した20人ほどの子どもたちが現れてビックリするお客さんも多かったですが、ほとんどのお客さんが楽しそうで盛り上げてくれました。



After that we had another short walk ahead of us, this time through the first part of Shimotori itself. But we quickly turned left on the first corner towards Marimekko where the last shop of our trick or treat parade was.




We then headed back towards the bus, where some of the kids said goodbye to their mommy or daddy, before heading back to Kuhonji. After we arrived lunch was already waiting for us, and today was a very pretty lunch. We had curry with rice, but todays rice was shaped like a jack-o-lantern with seaweed. Instead of our normal plates, we also ate from pretty Halloween plates and bowls! Everyone really loved the curry, and many went to get seconds, and thirds.

九品寺に戻る前に、ママやパパにバイバイ! 着いたらランチが待っていました!


通常のプレートの代わりに、かわいいハロウィーンのプレートとボウルで食べました! カレーをとても気に入って、多くの子どもたちが 2 回目や、3回目のおかわりを食べました。

In the afternoon we held a small fashion show, where we asked the kids one by one to show the class who they were today. After that we smashed pumpkin pinata and candy went flying everywhere.

午後は小さなファッションショーを開催し、子どもたちに今日のコスチュームを見せてもらいました。 その後、かぼちゃのピニャータをつぶしたら、キャンディーが飛び散り、子どもたちは大騒ぎ!!

Today was a very fun day!


Happy Halloween!!