About Emile International School


Our feature

We provide childcare and educate in English as the first company-led childcare international school in Kumamoto, which is governed by the Cabinet Office, in accordance with their safety and supervision standards.
Acquiring English naturally in a daily life, not “studying” it, is one of the merits for early childhood. We generate contents from what children like and what they are interested in, and they can communicate well in English with the wants of knowing and playing. English is not only a language but also a tool as a learning method which prompts various growth. We cherish and develop a passion for children to learn what they like in English and feelings of achievement and pleasure. And also we cherish the diversity from the global point of view. We would like to provide a place to learn the concepts that each person has their own value, their way of thinking and there is not the only one answer, and to respect different opinions and thoughts.

1We cherish children’s individualities.

Our inhouse childcare is conducted in English in daytime including morning and evening circle times. Our purpose is to let children acquire English in consideration of their individualities and backgrounds. Speaking it fluently is not the goal. Realizing their own expressions makes them feel accomplished and motivated.

※The external lessons done by specialists inside and outside the facilities during the childcare time will be conducted in Japanese.


2We produce the environment which children feel the meaning and purpose of experience and acquisition.

We actively interact locally and globally, and have a lot of opportunities to contact people from children to adults outside the facilities. We let them understand the nature, seasons, both Japanese and foreign cultures and courtesy from experience. We teach them the meaning and purpose of learning through the experiences like “they can connect with a lot of people in and out of Japan”, “they grow by meeting people with different cultures and languages.”

3Daily extracurricular lessons.

Our contract specialists instruct music, gymnastics, swimming, and dance etc. in delightful manners during the childcare time as our original programs.

4Three facilities

We have two facilities in Tsuboi and Kuhonji. And we also have the after-school childcare facility specializing in global education called Emile+ After School (Target: 1st grade and above)

※We provide the transportation service in Tsuboi if you leave children both in Tsuboi and Kuhonji.

Tsuboi: Older group (3-5 years old)
Kuhonji: Younger group (0-2 years old)


General flow of the day

  • 7:30School opens, children come to school, observation of health(thermometry, visual inspection), playing.
  • 9:15Morning snack time.
  • 9:30Greeting, morning roll call, morning circle time.
  • 10:00Activities outside the school, corner nursing, extracurricular programmes and etc.
  • 11:15Lunch time.
  • 12:00Nap time.
  • 15:00Afternoon snack time.
  • 15:30Evening circle time, corner nursing, extracurricular programmes.
  • 19:00Dinner time.
  • 20:30Playing.
  • 22:00School closes.
※It may change due to monthly / weekly curriculums and events.

Principal’s wishes

I have been involved in early childhood education in and out of Japan, the international school business and the Board of Education, and have lived in the UK. And I have seen various children’s growths through these experiences while raising my two children.
While raising children in a busy daily life, there are not only worries of ourselves but also those about the growth of children. I understand that people try to solve their own problems or worries in their own ways and move on. But I, once again, wanted to create places where you can find someone to talk comfortably even though there is no room in your heart and where you can get some hints or information of livelihood which are beyond your imagination.

What Emile is trying to create is,
  • ・the heart-warming place where we cherish not only children but also each guardian and where the people involved can mature together and keep learning through raising children.
  • ・the open place not only for child-rearing families but for local people.
  • ・the place where our children and local people spend time together in and outside the facilities and where everybody communicates well, filled with kindness and smiles.
  • ・the place where children and adults cherish each personality and national trait and where they can consider each thought and kindness.
  • ・the place where you can show and utilize what you like and what you are good at.
I highly appreciate my experiences of high specialized childcare business and education and people involved and connected. As the principal, making the most of my various network, I would like to create places where we can serve and return publicly.