Information on “company-led nursery school” alliance.


What is a company-led nursery school?

The “company-led nursery school” system, started in 2016, is the system to establish and manage a nursery school flexibly to meet the needs from companies, which was to support to create comfortable work environments (balancing work and child-rearing).
A company-led nursery school is managed through the application and approval under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office, so that subsidies for operating and equipment costs are provided by the government. Due to the subsidies, a nursery school can set the school fee which is close to general licensed nursery schools and conduct medical checkups and “shokuiku” (education on food and nutrition), and children can receive the same childcare as licensed nursery schools.
As for the use capacity, there are two types; “employee quota” of aligned company employees and “regional quota” of local households.

Benefits of an aligned company

1Improving the image of your company

You can describe “nursery facility available” in your job offer so that securing of human resources will be advantageous. And your company image will be improved that you will provide an environment where employees with children will be able to work at ease. Moreover, it will lead to a decrease in labour turnover rate and early return to work.

2We are able to correspond to various work styles.

Each company has different work styles like working days and hours. There are many parts which local nursery schools are not able to correspond. A company-led nursery school is established and managed as a facility that is able to correspond according the demands of workers from various companies. Not only full-time worker but also part-time workers who work once or twice a week are able to leave your children.

3The direct contract between a guardian and the facility.

A guardian does not apply to the public office, but applies to the facility directly.
If you want to enroll your child in a licensed nursery school, you usually have to apply to the public office and be certified the “necessity of childcare”. Without the certification, you are not able to enroll your child in it.
But you can enroll your children in a company-led nursery school if you work in a company with social insurance without the certification from the public office. And you are able to use at the same level of childcare fee as licensed nursery schools.